For countless creatives worldwide, winning a One Show Pencil or ADC Cube is a dream come true. But dreams have to start somewhere, and for that, we have the Young Ones Student Awards. This global creative competition challenges students in creative studies to put their best foot forward in hopes of winning one of the first honors of their burgeoning careers.

The 2021 edition of Young Ones came on the heels of a challenging year for students, as COVID-19 upended classrooms and curriculums everywhere. Nevertheless, when the dust settled, students representing schools in 23 countries managed to shine, and Brigham Young University was vaulted to its first-ever School of the Year win.

Young Ones Brief

The Young Ones Brief competition tasks students with creating work for different types of clients for the chance to earn a One Show Pencil.


Young Ones ADC

The Young Ones ADC competition offers students the chance to earn an ADC Cube by competing in the same disciplines and categories as the ADC Annual Awards.


Young Ones Portfolio

The Young Ones Portfolio competition allows students to submit 6-15 pieces of their work and have it judged by industry professionals.