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Frequently Asked Questions

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Entering Eligibility Work & Credits Payment


Do I have to be a member of The One Club for Creativity to participate?
No. You do not have to be a member of The One Club for Creativity or the Type Directors Club to participate in the Young Ones Student Awards. However, for this year we are capping the fee increase for Members entering during the extended deadline!

For more details on membership, click here.

Is there a limit to the number of students per team?
No, there is no limit to the number of students per team.

Can team members be from different colleges?
Yes, but only one school can be listed as the Primary Credit. Additional schools should be listed under "Secondary Credits". Primary and Secondary schools will split points in the Global College Rankings.

Can I enter more than one category?
Yes, Students can submit entries into more than one category in each discipline (ADC, TDC, and One Show/Brief), except Portfolio. Students may only submit to one Portfolio category.

Can I submit the same piece of work in more than one category?
Yes, Students can submit the same piece of work into more than one category in each discipline (ADC, TDC, and One Show/Brief). Entries can only win up to two top awards in each discipline.

When are winners announced?
Finalists will be notified in April 2024. Winners will be publicly announced at the Young Ones Awards Show as part of Creative Week in NYC in May 2024.



If I graduated before March 2023, am I eligible?
Our entry requirements state that you must be a student or have graduated after the end of our 2023 Competition (March 15, 2023).

When must my work have been created?
For our ADC, TDC and Portfolio Competition, any work created as a student is eligible.
For our One Show / Brief Competition, the work must be created in response to one of our briefs between September 2023 and March 2024.


Work & Credits

Am I allowed to post my One Show/Brief work online or add it to my portfolio?
All work generated for the Young Ones One Show/Brief Competition can only be added to your portfolio after the competition (May 13, 2024). Any work posted must contain a disclaimer stating that the piece was created solely for the purpose of the Young Ones Competition.

Can I credit a professor or instructor who helped me put my entry together?
Yes, but please ensure your professor is credited as a "Professor/Instructor". Do not credit your instructor or professor as any other type of creative. All creatives (copywriters, creative directors, illustrators, etc) credited on the project should be students.

Who will receive an award? What is the prize for winning?
Finalists will be celebrated at the Young Ones Student Awards in New York City in May 2024. All finalists will be added to our Young Ones archive, and all finalists will receive an invitation to join The One Club for Creativity as a member for free for one year.

Each Gold, Silver, or Bronze Winner in the ADC, One Show, and Portfolio Competitions receive one physical award (Pencil, Cube, or Portfolio Award) per winning entry. Additional awards can be ordered at Finalists in the TDC Competition will receive a TDC Certificate, as well as the opportunity to be part of the TDC Exhibition in New York City.

What is "Reference Media"?
Reference Media is used by The One Club team for promotions and in our articles when judging media (specifically video pieces, websites, etc.) cannot be used in their entirety. Reference Media are often screenshots, single frames, or alternate angles of your work that represent your project. Reference Media may be made public, but will not be judged.

For image uploads, the reference media can be the same files as the judging media.

What can I continue editing on my entry after I submit?
Reference the chart below to see which parts of an entry will be locked and when.
Draft / Open
Submitted / Closed
Prepared for
Finalist Entry
To Confirm
Finalist Entry
Entry Details unlocked locked locked locked locked
Media – Judging unlocked locked locked locked locked
Media – Supporting unlocked locked locked locked locked
Media – Portfolio unlocked locked locked locked locked
Media – Reference Images unlocked unlocked locked locked locked
Media – Archive n/a n/a n/a unlocked locked
Information unlocked unlocked locked unlocked locked
Credits unlocked unlocked unlocked unlocked locked

NOTE: The media displayed in the One Club Archive can be confirmed or replaced for Finalist (winning) entries after Finalists are notified.



What do I do if my school is paying for my entries?
Payment Codes are available for Faculty and Instructors to pay for their students together. We ask instructors/faculty to contact before anyone from your class enters their work.

Payment codes cannot be retroactively applied to entries that have been paid. When submitting work, students can select "Payment Code" as their Payment Method to add their entry to the group invoice.

Can I get a refund if I decide not to enter?
No. By submitting entries into the competition, entrants are committing to pay for all entry fees in full.

What do I do if my credit card payment is declined?
Even if your payment was declined, your entries have been submitted. Confirmation can be found on the Invoices page in your account.
  • Please contact your credit card provider to have your charge pre-approved.
  • Once approved, go to the Invoices page and click "Online Credit Card" under Payment Status to launch the payment process again.
  • Select Online Credit Card and proceed to pay using the pre-approved card, or select a different payment option.
  • NOTE: DO NOT re-create the entries in your account and attempt to check out again. This will result in duplicate entries and invoices.